Group money goes further together…

Whatever you’re planning with friends or colleagues, flatmates or teammates, KittyUp is a secure service that enables you to easily collect, manage and use group funds – saving you all time and money in the process.

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Set up, share and track contributions into your group account

Bank-grade security means your group money is safe and secure

Manage your kitty on-the-go via a group prepaid card and mobile app

Make things happen…

Don’t let organising group money be a burden – within minutes easily set up a kitty target amount, share with the rest of the group and start securely collecting towards your goal, whatever that may be!

Save time and hassle…

Keep track of who’s paid what and when, sending out updates and reminders when necessary. A great place for your group to get involved and organise – after all, saving to spend with a group should be fun!

Save when you spend…

We’ve devised the smart way for savvy groups to spend. Take advantage of group discounts via our affiliates online, cashback on card spend in the UK or use the group mobile wallet app and prepaid travel card to minimise fees when abroad.